Release Party"We shall see the light"
November 5th 2010 (Qc)

Complete serie Impérial 2010 (43 photos)

Promotional Photos 2010

Private Concert
May 13th 2009 at Centre D'Art La Chapelle (Qc)

Centre d'art La Chapelle Slideshow 2009 (38 photos)


Quebec's Summer Festival (40th edition)
July 12th 2007 Molson Dry Stage

Québec's Summer Festival 2007 Slideshow (64 photos)


Concert "All The Sinners"
April 28th 2007 à l'Impérial. (Qc)

Imperial's 2007 Slideshow (38 photos)


Opening for Sonata Arctica (Serie 1)
February 24th 2006 at Cabaret du Capitole.(Qc)

Jani with Forgotten Tales playing (Blank File)


Sonia with Tony Kakko singing (Black Sheep)




Opening for Sonata Arctica (Serie 2)
February 24th 2006 at Cabaret du Capitole.(Qc)


Quebec's International Metal Fest #1
November 20th, 2005 at The Theatre Du Capitole.(Qc)

Théatre Du Capitole 2005 Slideshow (40 Pictures)


"All The Sinners" Concert
May 13th, 2005 at the Imperial. (Qc)

Imperial's Slideshow (62 pictures)


"All The Sinners" Concert
November 27th, 2004 at the Cabaret du Capitole. (Qc)


Archives Photos


Cabaret Du Capitole (November 27th 2004)

"All The Sinners" Release (September 4th 2004)

Studio Menzo (November 2003 to January 2004)

Photos Session (September 2003)

Photos Session (May 2002)

"The Promise" Release (Octobre 16th 2001)