February 22nd, 2011

Hi everyone.

The excerpts from the TV show Lézarts Studio featuring Forgotten Tales are now available on Youtube.

Here is an excerpt:

Follow these links for the other videos:

The Reaper
The Calling
Broken Wings
Angel Eyes

December 7, 2010

Hi everyone

Updates were made in the photo section. These pictures were taken by photographers of four webzines from Quebec at the release of the album We shall see the light, Friday November 5th 2010 at L’Impérial de Québec.  

November 4th, 2010

Hello everyone

Here is another excerpt from the 3rd album, the title track "We Shall See The Light." The album will be available in stores in Canada from November 9. You can also order order it in the market section.

October 23rd 2010

Hi fans

This morning was held the grand finale of the Canadian Roland V-Drums Contest 2010 at the Montreal Drum Fest. We are proud to announce you that this year's winner is Mike Bélanger. Once again he has manage to impress us with his great talent.

October 18th 2010

Hi everyone

We would like to wish good luck to Mike who will attend Saturday, October 23 at the finals of the Roland V-Drums Contest 2010. The national final will be held at the Montreal Drum Fest at 11:00 AM
He had previously ranked among the top 10 in the semifinals of eastern Canada.

We would also like to give you a foretaste of "We Shall See The Light" with the first audio clip "Diviner."

À suivre...

September 14th 2010

Hi fans

The photo section has been updated. There, you will find pictures we are going to use for all future promotion. I invite you to use them on your blogs, Websites. magazines and other way of promotion.. Thanks everybody.



September 7th 2010

Hello everyone ...

We are pleased to announce the release of Forgotten Tales’ 3rd album "We Shall See the Light" Friday, November 5, 2010 at the Imperial of Quebec. Tickets are on sale today at the Imperial and on Billetech.

General Admission
Pre-sale: $18.00 incl Tax. + Ticketing fees
At the door: $20.00 taxes incl. + Ticketing fees

Be there.

August 15th 2010

Studio Report

Hello dear fans...

I know you didn't have much news from us lately, but don't be afraid, the work never stopped and we finally finished recording the album. In the past weeks we were busy composing and recording the keyboards and the backing vocals. Once again Robin Roy has done us the great pleasure of adding his voice to Sonia's voice.

The coming weeks will be devoted entirely for the mixing and the mastering of the album. The visual design of the cover is currently in progress and is going well.

Our project draws to a close and we all look forward to present this 3rd album that will be, without a doubt, the best work of Forgotten Tales. No one will remain indifferent, you can be certain.

Thank you all.


April 18th 2010

Studio Report

Hi everyone…

I finally finished the recording of the vocal tracks and I must tell you that everything went very well. It's true that in some moments, things went very hard but I always gave my best and and it gave excellent results. For the last song, we had to proceed differently because Marty hadn't finished to compose the melody. I had to learn it all along the recording.
Despite all these hours I spent there, not everything is yet finished for me. I'll be back in a couple of weeks to record the backing vocals.

It's now Marty's turn to be back in studio. He just began the recording of his solos and it should take him a couple of days. Let's wish him good luck.

See you soon...



April 8th 2010

Hi everybody

We are very pleased to invite you, friday may 7th at Campus Charlesbourg du CEGEP de Limoilou for a power metal night with Forgotten Tales. Once again, many surprises awaits you.

The show will begin with Sudden Flames. Come in great number.

March 1st 2010

Studio report

After several nights of recording for the vocal tracks, let’s
see some moments taken at the studio with Sonia.

To be continued…


February 15th 2010

Hello you all, dear fans,

I am very pleased to be able to give you some news about me. I know Forgotten Tales and I were very quiet in the latest months but it was because we had much to do. All our attention and energy are now concentrated in the making and the development of the 3rd album that we want to be of the highest quality. I can assure you that not any time I have forgotten you.  Throughout this long process, you are constantly present in my thoughts and in my heart. Everything we do is, above all for you!

Last week, Martin had fun on camera to capture my impressions and some moments of my recording session that I am willing to share. So here's a little overview of what happens at Studio Menzo.



January 17th 2010

Studio report

Hi fans ...

The recording of the rhythm guitar is now finished. Believe me, the sound will be amazing.
Some cleaning and editing of the tracks remains to be done and then we will be ready for the recording of the vocal tracks. These two small clips will give you a good idea of what’s coming.

To be continued ...


January 11th 2010


After several weeks searching for a new designer for the cover art of the 3rd album, we can finally reveal the name of the artist who has been chosen.

Lucie Fortier, pastellist and portraitist of Quebec City will be part of the team of Forgotten Tales. She really impressed us by the quality of her work and the good use of shadows and light found in her paintings.

We are now finalizing various sketches that were submitted to the artist.

To be continued ...

December 26th 2009

Hi to our fans…

We’d like to take a little time, Forgotten Tales and its team, to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2010. The recording of the album continues and will be released later in 2010. Thanks for your patience and constant support.

November 11th 2009

Studio Report

Hi everyone…

After a short break, I finally started the recording of the guitar tracks. The rhythm parts of the first song are now complete and everything went very smoothly. I was in very good shape and in full possession of my ability. Take a look at this video of the performance.

To be continued...


September 22nd 2009

Hi Everyone...

We are back from an amazing weekend of two shows where we shared the stage with Pagan’s Mind and Stratovarius. We thank the fans who came in large numbers in Quebec and Montreal for those great moments and the energy they have gave us. 

Now we concentrate on recording the album.

Stay in touch

Septembre 14th 2009

Studio report

The editing of the drums and the bass goes well. Some unforeseen technical delays have temporarily slowed us down but now everything is under control. The recording of guitar should start around September 21.

We keep you informed.

August 25th 2009

Hi everybody.

Just a little message to remind you to get your tickets for the two Stratovarius venues in Quebec and Montreal. You’ll also get a chance to see Forgotten Tales, Pagan’s Mind and other local bands. For more informations on these shows, visit Brave Concert International and Capital Of Metal’s website.


19 Septembre à l'Impérial 20 Septembre au Meddley


August 18th 2009

Studio report

The recording of the bass tracks advance at the speed of light. Pat gave us an evening of 4 songs without even flinching. There is only one song left to do but not the least. He will finish his job with the fastest of the album, (188 BPM).

The next step will be cleaning and editing the drum and the bass tracks before I begin the recording of the guitars. And that's where I come into play and I can’t wait.

Just to make your mouth water, here are some video clips of Pat during a recording session.

Stay tuned ...



August 14th 2009

Studio Report
Hi Dear Fans,
The 2nd recording session has been productive but a little tougher than the previous one.
Heat and fatigue were hard to handle. There were 2 songs: one with a slow tempo and one really fast and with complex rhythms. That one gave me more problems and sweat but I’m still alive!
A little day off and I’ll be back soon

See ya!



August 13 th 2009

Studio Report

Hi FT fans!

I just finished my first evening in the studio to record the bass tracks.
Everything went very well, no major problems but the heat. We can say that it reproduced the feel of a live show :)

I had time to do 2 songs, the first mid-tempo and the other a bit faster  ...
It has increased the temperature a bit. We even had time to do the editing of the 2 songs.
In summary, it was a very good first day and I hope it will be the same for the rest.

Photos and videos from the studio will follow soon.

See ya


August 11th 2009

Hi fans.

We are pleased to provide you with another song taken from the last live show of Forgotten Tales in Quebec City. This is Wind Oh Wind piano-vocal version. This song will appear on the 3rd album as a bonus track. Further details will be revealed in the coming weeks.


Keep in touch.

August 3rd 2009

Studio Report

Just a little word to tell you that we’re back in studio today with the editing of the drum tracks. We’re planning to work on it until the end of the week. The bass arrangements are now completed and Pat will be ready for the recording.

To be continued…

July 27th 2009

Hello everybody

Being on a break from the studio we take this opportunity to announce the addition of a new talented young guitarist as a member of Forgotten Tales. Marco Lavoie, whose hard-work and dedication to the success of our May 13th show as a guest guitarist convinced us to invite him to become a full-time member. Although he just recently joined the band he will get to participate to a few songs on the upcoming album. To learn more about him, visit his page.

Talk to you soon!

July 21th 2009

Studio Report

Recording of the drum tracks wrapped up last wednesday in only five studio sessions with Mike. We are taking a two weeks break due to the studio not being available during which we will take the time to make some final changes on the bass lines. Stay tuned...


Also, during our special show on May 13th we played acoustic versions from two of our songs and also covered a few classics from European metal bands. We got a few videos from that show which we will make available in the upcoming weeks starting with these two:

Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden

Reach Out For The Light-Avantasia

(Guest singer Robyn Roy, back vocals on "All The Sinners" and lead singer of Iron Maiden tribue The Troopers)

Talk to you soon!

July 13th 2009

Recording News

Like we recently promised, here are some news from the recording of our third album! We entered studio on July 8th and since then Mike and the rest of the team are working hard to record the drums tracks.

Everything is going well so far, Mike already completed 6 songs. And talking about him here are some comments directly from the man behind the drumkit! We will be back soon with more news straight from the recording studio!

  • July 8th 2009: Settle in Menzo studio, drum tuning with Luc Gaulin (ex-Moonlyght, Passage) and sound checks all night... sounds awesome!
  • July 9th 2009: Recording the first song. Not an easy song to render because of many changes in the rythmm and the intense non-stop groove.
  • July 10th 2009: Recorded three songs! One fast song (188bpm), another more traditional power metal style and the last one a much more progressive. Very productive night; 3 takes for each song and we were done!
  • July 12th 2009: Recorded two songs. One mid-tempo with lots of very complex rythms and the second one, another fast song (188bpm again). Arduous night, these songs are hard to play right even though I practiced them for months. We still got the job done though!
  • Mike

June28th 2009

Hi fans

The photo section of F.T. website has been updated with pictures of
our latest show at Centre d'art La Chapelle.


June 15th 2009

Hi everyone…

Good news… Forgotten Tales are now ready to begin the recording of
their 3rd album.

They will enter at Quebec’s Menzo Studio on the 9th of July 2009.
You will have the opportunity to follow each step of the production via this website
or on the Forgotten Tales Myspace page.

Keep your eyes wide open.

Be part of the tale…

February 26th 2009

Hi everyone.

After almost two years out of the stage, it’s with great pleasure that Forgotten Tales offer you a show Wednesday may 13th at Centre d’Art La Chapelle in Quebec City.
It will be a special evening showing you another side of the band with unique moments and exclusive pieces only for that night.

Tickets will be on sale soon. Stay tuned for details in the further days.

We take the occasion to mention the return of Frederick Desroches with the band.

January 4th 2008

Hi fans...

Forgotten Tales and all its team wishes you a happy new year.

Composition of the 3rd album has been slowed a bit but we are confident that all will be ready later in 2009.

Thanks again for your great patience.


May 9th 2008

No news, good news...

Just a little word to say that composition is still going well. Hold on, we're not going to let you down. Slow but steady wins the race.

We'd also like to say good luck to William Simard who left the band during 2007 and thank him for the time he spent with Forgotten Tales.

December 27th 2007

Hi fans and friends.

Forgotten Tales wishes to all of you a very happy hollidays

We are still working on the 3rd album and we want to thank you for your big patience. We can't wait to make you hear the results.

July 29th 2007

Hi Everyone .

Forgotten Tales and its team would like to thank the 5000 people who came to the show the 12th of july at the Quebec's Summer Festival. This evening will remain unforgetable for us and you, the fans, made it a big success. We can be certain that it will happen again in the future.

Updates have been made to the Photos section of the website. You can now see the pictures from the show at the Summer Festival.

Forgotten Tales will now take time to write the 3rd album so thanks for your patience.

Be part of the tale...


May 29th 2007

To all our fans .

It's a great pleasure to announce you that Forgotten Tales will feature at the 40th edition of Quebec's Summer Festival . The band will perform on the Molson Dry stage "Pigeonnier" on thursday, july 12th 2007 at 8:00 PM. On this double feature evening, the well known swedish power metal band Hammerfall will rock the place at 9:30 PM.

Having a metal show is a premiere for the Summer Festival . In order to make it a tradition, be there and show to everyone that Quebec's metal scene is alive.

May 6th 2007

Hi Everybody…

Pictures from our last concert at the Impérial at Quebec city has been added in the photos section. Great thanks to all the fans that were present at the show.

February 14th 2007

Dear Québec Fans

Forgotten Tales will be back on stage in their home town on Saturday April 28th at L’Impérial de Québec. The band will offer you songs from their 2 albums, some covers and some songs that will give you a taste of the new album to come around spring 2008.

You will also meet the new keyboardist, William Simard, who recently joined
Forgotten Tales.

Heir of Destiny, also from Québec city, will be the opening act.

Be there!

November 28th 2006

Dear Fans

Forgotten Tales will finally be in concert at Montreal Saturday the 28th 2007 at the Kola Note. (5240 Avenue du Parc) The bands Dream Catcher from Montreal and Heir Of Destiny from Quebec City will do the opening. Be there and Be Part Of The Tale…

Take a look of our market section and add a Forgotten Tales item to your collection.

November 4th 2006

It's now official. The new album of the Argentinian composer Beto Vasquez entitled “Flying Toward the new Horizon” was released within the last days. You can hear on his official website some samples of the album as well as the song "Secret" interpreted by Sonia.

November 2nd 2006

Hi everybody,

We invite you today to visit our video section newly updated. We recently added 3 extracts from the january 22nd show where Forgotten Tales was the opening act for Sonata Arctica.

You will also find them on our official MySpace page at the following adress : http://www.myspace.com/forgottentales2004 or on Youtube and Dailymotion.

August 18th 2006

Latest news.

During the summer, Frédérick Desroches (keyboards) has officially left Forgotten Tales in order to dedicate himself to multiple projects he’s been offered. We take this opportunity to thank him for the talent and devotion he’s been giving us since these past years.

William Simard is now the one who will stand for the official keyboardist of the band. People from Saguenay already had the chance to see him perform on stage on Saturday August 19th at the Café Théâtre Côté Cour in Jonquière.

More details will be available within the next days.

June 29th 2006

Dear fans From Saguenay - Lac St-Jean,

We're happy to announce you that Forgotten Tales will play in your area this summer. Here are the details.

Festival for the First Anniversary of Génération Souterraine;
Forgotten Tales, Sudden Flames et Kastlegar

At Café Théatre le Côté-cour at Jonquière.

August 19th 2006

Porte; 19h00
Tickets; 12$ presale & 15$ at the show.
Tickets on sale soon
www.generationsouterraine.com pour plus d'informations.

Be there.

May 15th 2006

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that a few weeks ago Sonia was asked to sing on Beto Vazquez’s new album. This album entitled “Flying Towards The New Horizon” will be a mixture of Power and gothic metal and the song chosen for Sonia is a ballad called “Secret”. Many other singers from around the world will also participate to the album. We will keep you updated on this and we invite you to visit Beto’s official website at http://www.betovazquezinfinity.com.ar

March 18th 2006

Hi everyone

Pictures of february 24th show at the Cabaret Du Capitole are now online. You will find images of Sonia and Tony Kakko singing Black Sheep together and Jani Liimatainen playing Blank File with Forgotten Tales.

Thanks to Capitale du Métal who made this spcial event happen for us and for the fans of both bands.

January 24th 2006

We're happy to announce that Forgotten Tales will open one more time for Sonata Arctica when they'll come back on friday, february, 24th, 2006 at the Cabaret Du Capitole in Quebec city. That night, both bands will play a different set than those played on january 21st & 22nd. Learn more on this event on BCI and Capital Of Metal websites.
We also want to thank BCI and CDM for the great week-end for us and for the fans.

December 16th 2005


The pictures from the Quebec's International Metal Fest 2005 at the Capitole de Québec are now online in the Photos section. We invite you to go and enjoy them. You can also see the complete set by clicking here.

And don't hesitate to give us comments in our Guestbook.

December 5th, 2005


Forgotten Tales will do the opening act for the reknowned Finnish band : Sonata Arctica during their upcoming Canadian tour. A first concert will be held on Saturday, January 21, 2006 at the Medley (1170, Rue St-Denis, Montreal). Other guest band : Sequence.

A second concert will be held on Sunday, January 22, 2006 at Théatre Capitole in Quebec city. Other guest band : Sequence. Those concerts will be presented by Brave Concerts International in collaboration with Capitale du Métal.

On another subject, the myspace.com users are now able to visit us at our new dedicated space, follow this link : Forgotten Tales (myspace.com).

December 1st, 2005


It is with great pleasure to announce that Musica has released the "All The Sinners" album in Russia and the baltic states. You can visit their website by clicking on their banner below.

August 30th, 2005

More tablatures available. Direct links for downloading :

  • Fairytales

  • Magic Fountain

  • March for Freedom

  • My Soul

  • The Message

  • Three Wishes

  • Wind Oh Wind

  • (News archives)