Classical piano lessons since the age of 16,Community College Diploma in jazz and popular music.

Music, cigarettes, computers and movies.

My Likes
Eating and sleeping, watching the news, science (in general), the internet, camping, math, new technology and good wine.

My Dislikes
Sports and getting up early.

Likes to experience every moment in life, tries not to worry about things too much, unless it burns! Easy going. Likes to use humour to ease a tense situation. Generous, sociable and sharing. Lunatic once in a while.

Rhapsody, Chick Corea, Movie scores (John Williams)

Favorite Bands
Iron Maiden, Angra, Dream Theater.

Favorite Movies
I prefer dramas to action movies.

Favorite Games
Computer games. ( Aventure ), old arcade games.

Encyclopedias and the history of civilisation.

Favorite Album
Legendary Tales (Rhapsody)